Ellesmere, Church of Saint Mary

Pictures: Robert Knol © 2008

Case redisigned by Cartwrights (same original material)

The Organ was built, new, by Nicholson & Company, Worcester in 1927 and was installed over the West Door, with the console in the South Transept. In 1965 it was moved and rebuilt, again by Nicholson’s, in S. John’s Chapel, together with the console.
In 1996 the organ was rebuilt, in the North Transept, by Cartwright & Cartwright of Audley, Staffordshire, and fitted with new electro-pneumatic actions. The couplers and piston action are controlled by separate microprocessors. The new detached console is placed on a mobile platform situated in the South Transept. At the rebuilding the opportunity was taken to enlarge the instrument with tonal alterations as follows:

Swell Organ: Old Mixture 12.17.19 recast to 17.19.22.
Great Organ: Trumpet –Clarion 85-note unit on new chest. Mixture 19.22.26: new pipework on old Trumpet slide.
Choir Organ: Clarion-Trumpet borrowed from Great. Cremona reinstated (The original Clarinet had been removed in the 1965 rebuild).
Principal 4’, old Open Diapason 8’ transposed 1 octave with new top octave of pipes.
New pipework Stopped Diapason 8’ replacing old Claribel Flute 8’.
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The stoplist of the pipe-organ:
Great: (C-c4)
Double Open Diapason 16
Open Diapason 1  8′
Open Diapason 2  8′
Clarabella 8
Principal 4
Harmonic Flute 4
Twelfth 2 2/3
Fifteenth 2
Mixture IIIr (19.22.26)
Trumpet 8
Clarion 4 (ext)
Swell: (C-c4)
Bourdon 16
Open Diapason 8
Lieblich Gedackt 8
Echo Gamba 8
Voix Celeste 8 (TC)
Principal 4
Fifteenth 2
Mixture IIIr (17.19.22)
Cornopean 8
Oboe 8
Choir: (C-c4)
Stopped Diapason 8
Dulciana 8
Principal 4
Wald Flute 4
Flageolet 2
Larigot 1 1/3
Trumpet 8
Cremona 8
Clarion 4 (ext)
Pedal: (C-f1)
Open Diapason 16
Bourdon 16
Quint 10 2/3
Principal 8
Bass Flute 8
Fifteenth 4
Flute 4
Trombone 16 (ext)
Trumpet 8
Clarion 4 (ext)
G+Sw, G+Ch, P+G, P+Sw, P+Ch