Gulpen, Hervormde Kerk (Toeristenkerk)

Foto’s: Michiel van ’t Einde & ME © 2013

  • For the Reformed Church (Hervormde Kerk) in Gulpen (Limburg), the firm Gebr. Müller has build a new organ in 1845. The instrument was placed on a gallery in the balustrade. At the beginning of the twentieth century the disposition was adapted to the taste of the time. The Mixtuur and the Trumpet disappeared, a new Gamba was placed and a Voix Céleste instead of the Flute 4′.
  • A new church building was build in 1966. The Pereboom company from Maastricht has moved the old organ with mechanical action and slider chest to this church. The original disposition has been reconstructed. The original stop name inscriptions were still present. The newly installed Trumpet was made by Müller around 1860. It comes from another organ, where the Trumpet has been replaced by a Mixture. The tuning is equal temperament and the wind pressure is 80 mm. The pitch is a’ = 440 Hz.

The stoplist:

Manuaal: C – f3 Bourdon 16′ (discant), Hohlflaut 8′ (B/D), Gamba 8′ (B/D) – ca. 1910, Flauttravère 8′, Prestant 4′, Flautino 4′ – 1966, Octav 2′, Mixtur III sterk (1 1/3′) – 1966, Trompett 8′ (B/D) – ca. 1860.
Pedaal: C-f° Aangehangen.