Henlow, St. Mary the Virgin

Foto: Chris Stafford © 2018


1883           J. & A. Trustam  Bedford – new/rebuilt organ; using some pipework from earlier organ); cost £126;
1893           J. & A. Trustam  Bedford – rebuilt in a case of American Pine; moved to East End of South Aisle;
Clarabella added; preparation made for a Salcional (sic) stop
being added to Swell at a later date;
paid for by Mrs. Holesgrove (wife of vicar);
1896           J. & A. Trustam  Bedford – moved to newly built North Chancel Chamber
1903           J. & A. Trustam?  Bedford – Gamba added, given by Mrs. Woverley Fordham, first used 02 August 1903;
(a brass plate to record this gift was engraved ‘Phyliss Gribble
28 April 1903’ – no longer present);
1908           Forster and Andrews  Hull – whole organ renovated, ‘every pipe taken out and put back in proper order’,
Open Diapason added to Swell (on spare slide), Cornopean replaced by Oboe;
composition pedals installed; cost £43 (£25 contributed by Mr & Mrs Gribble);
organ opened on 29 April by Mr. J.G. Cooper, organist of St. Andrew,
Biggleswade who may have also acted as consultant;

From F&A ledger10.36 Henlow Church.
“To take out of Swell a wooden TC Flute and replace it with an Open Diapason wit
h alterations to upper board and rack board. £12 and the old pipes.
To add two Double action comp pedals to Great organ £14.
To Supply & fix 4 new counter balances for bellows. £1/5/-
To add a set of tin slides to pipes 44 notes & fixing. £5.
To add an Oboe in place of Cornopean £15 and the old pipes.
Total £42.10s
Completed March 1908.
Rev. R Bagshaw, Henlow Vcge.”;
1964           E.J. Johnson & Son  Cambridge restored; new pedalboard (was straight) and balanced swell pedal;
Gamba changed to Twelfth;

Mechanical Tracker action, Slider Chests,
Pedalboard – Concave radiating

The Stoplist:

Great: C – g3 Open Diapason 8′, Clarabella 8′ – 1893, Principal 4′, Twelfth 2 2/3′ – 1964 (was 1903 Gamba TC), Fifteenth 2′.
Swell: C – g3 (Enclosed) Open Diapason 8′ – 1908 (added – TC – grooved to LG), Lieblich Gedact 8′, Gemshorn 4′, Oboe 8′ – 1908 (Was Cornopean).
Pedal: C – f1 Bourdon 16′.
Couplers: Swell to Great, Great to Pedal.
Accessories: 2 composition pedals.