Istanbul, Union Church (Dutch Chapel)

Foto’s: Tarkan Sendal © 2019

This Cavaille-Coll was built in 1925 when Auguste Convers was running the company. It was built for Notre Dame de Sion French High School, then, in 1976 she was partially relocated in Dutch Chapel, after a few decades of service she was taken away due to mechanical problems.”

The Disposition:

Montre 8″
Flute Harmonique 8″
Salicional 8″
Principal 4″

Voix Celeste 8″
Viole de Gamba 8″
Cour de Nuit 8″
Flute Dolce 4″
Basson Hautbois 8″
Trompette 8″

Bourdon 16″
Subbass 16″