Jaffa, St. Peterskerk

Foto: C.J. Droger © 2015

This little organ which dates from 1847 is the oldest which remains intact today. It belongs to the General Custodianship of the Holy Land. It was constructed by the famous Italian firm Agati Nicomede e Fratelli de Pistoïa. It was installed in the back room of the Jerusalem Christian Information Center, which is an institution intended to welcome and inform pilgrims to Jerusalem. Since 2013, it stands in the Saint Peter Franciscan church in Jaffa.
The organ case measures 260 cm high, 150 cm wide and 70 cm deep. It is made of grey-painted wood with gold stripes. The facade of the organ case is open and exposes the Principal stop.
This instrument has been completely rebuilt by D. Taboada,
head of the organ workshop at the Holy Saviour Franciscan
Monastery in Jerusalem.

One keyboard of 50 notes. The  first octave is shortened (scavezza) according to the popular practice of the time. It is composed of the following notes:

      C     F     D    G     E    A   B flat   B

The pedalboard is also composed of eight notes from the first octave, in the same order. It has no independent registration. Each note of the pedalboard is linked permanently to the corresponding note of the keyboard.
The disposition of the organ is as follows:

Principal 8′ basso
Principal 8′ soprano
Voce Angelica 8′
Octave 4′
Flauto a Fuso 4′
Decimaquinta 2′
Nazardo 2 2/3′
Decimanona Flagioletto’