Aagtekerke, Huisorgel Particulier

Foto’s: Tjalling Roosjen © 1986/2022

In 1986 Jean Telder (Soest, the Netherlands) completed a residance organ for Tjeerd Roosjen in Heerlen. The organ moved with the owner to Amersfoort in 1991. Tjeerd Roosjen died in 1997, after which the organ was placed on loan to a private individual in Leiden, the Netherlands. An identical organ was built by Gerrit van Vembde in Soest in 1994, using the drawings of Telder. The owner in Leiden passed away in 2020. The organ is sold to a new owner in Aagtekerke (Zeeland).

Manual: C-f3
Holpijp 8′ (B/D),
Roerfluit 4′ (B/D),
Nasard 2 2/3′ (discant),
Prestant 2′ (B/D),
Terts 1 3/5′ (discant),
Quint 1 1/3′ (bas)

Pedal: C-d1

Tuning Werckmeister III modified.
Wind pressure 60,
mechanical tracker action.