Owslebury, Church of Saint Andrew

Foto’s: Colin Harvey © 2015

Hill & Son 1864

History –

1915 – Installed in the Primitive Methodist Church, Farnham, Surrey, UK

1936 – Installed in Emmanuel FIEC Church, South Street, Farnham, Surrey, UK by Rest, Cartwright & Co

2013-14 – organ restored by Geoff Griffiths & Co and installed in St Andrew’s Owslebury

The bottom octave of the swell organ permanently couples through the Great Organ

Trigger Swell pedal

Double rise reservoir with feeder bellows – electric and hand blowing operable.

A=440 Hz, Equal temperament

WP 2 ¾ inches WG

Whole organ – Great Organ, Swell Organ and Pedal Organ – all on one soundboard.

The Stoplist:

Great Organ : C-f”’  54 notes  Swell Organ : C-f”’  54 notes  Pedal Organ:  C-g  20 notes Couplers:
Open Diapason 8 Dulciana 8 TC Bourdon 16 Bottom octave only Swell to Great
Stopped Diapason Bass 8 Oboe 8 TC Great to Pedal
Stopped Diapason Treble 8
Principal 4
Flute 4