Elgin, Pluscarden Abbey

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The organ casework is made of solid oak, with mouldings matched to
the adjacent monks’ stalls. The front pipes are of polished tin, and the pipeshades were designed by Br Michael de Klerk and carved by Lyndale Woodcarving. They depict a fleur-de-lys pattern on a honeycomb background, symbolic of St Mary and St John the Baptist (as well as the Abbey bees and the honey they produce). Within the case, all of the manual pipes stand on a common soundboard, and with the exception of the Open Diapason in the front are enclosed within a swell box. Wind is supplied by a small electric blower in the lower part of the case and regulated by a wedge bellows. The consultant to the Abbey was Dr. John Rowntree.
The stoplist: (1998)

Manual I
Open Diapason 8
Stopped Diapason 8
Principal 4
Fifteenth 2
Sesquialtera II
Manual II
Clarabella 8
Salicional 8
Voix Celeste 8
Flute 4
Subbass 16