Frauenstein, Schloß, Silbermann Museum

Foto: Tjalling Roosjen © 2017

Frauenstein (Erzgebirge), Germany – Silbermann Museum. Built by Kristian Wegscheider 1995. Gottfried Silbermann built a small organ for the parish church of Etzdorf in Sachsen in 1732 or 1733. The instrument has been rebuild and relocated over time and is in the crypt of the Domkirche in Bremen nowadays. Reconstruction by Kristian Wegscheider 1962 . Wegscheider built two copies . One copy was placed in the Silbermann Museum in Frauenstein, the other in the village church of Güldendorf.

The Stoplist:

Manual: CD – c3 Rohrflöthe 8′, Principal 4′, Rohrflöthe 4′, Nasat 3′ ab c1, Octava 2′, Sesquialtera (Terz) 1f. 13/5‘ ab c1, Quinta 11/2‘, Sufflet 1’.