Istanbul, Saint Louis Church

Foto’s: Tarkan Sendal © 2020

Mutin Cavaille-Coll built in 1902 and inaugurated in the Concert Hall of Syllogue Literaire Grec in Konstantinopel on 23.04.1903. In 1925 it was brought to St. Louis Chapel from the house of Sir Ibrahim Tevfik, a pianist, who was son of Sir Mehmed Burhaneddin, a court musician in Ottoman Palace. The date it was sold from Syllogue to Ibrahim Pasha is unknown yet. It had the last repair in August 1935.

Here is the page from Zeitschrift für Instrumentenbau

Grand Orgue: CC-g2 56 keys
-Bourdon 16′
-Bourdon 8′
-Montre 8′
-Flute Harmonique 8′
-Salicional 8′
-Prestant 4′

Recit (Exp.): CC-g2 56 keys
Foundation Stops:
-Diapason 8′
-Cor de Nuit 8′
-Viola de Gamba 8′
-Voix Celeste 8′
-Flute Octaviante 4′

Combination Stops:
-Plein Jeu 3 rangs
-Basson 16′
-Trompette 8′
-Basson-Hautbois 8′
-Vox Humaine 8′
-Octavin 2′

Pedal: CC-f 30 keys
-Bourdon 8′(borrowed from Grand)
-Flute 8′ (borrowed from Harm. Flute of Grand)
-Soubasse 16′ (borrowed from Bourdon 16′ of Grand)
-Basoon 16′ (borrowed from Recit)

Composition Pedals:
-Tirasse Gd. Org.
-Tirasse Rec.
-Appel Comb. Gd. Org.
-Renv. Comb. Gd. Org.
-Appel Comb. Rec.
-Connect Gd. to Barker Maschine
-Rec. to Gd. Coupler
-Recit Octave Grave (R.O.G.) to Gd. Coupler