Jeruzalem, Abbey Church of the Dormition Mount Zion, Koororgel

Foto’s: Corrie Glasbergen © 2017

This organ is placed in the right part of the choir of the church. It is used for the accompaniment of the
everyday liturgy. It has also been made by Oberlinger and was inaugurated at the same time as the great organ (1980). The instrument was overalled by the organ-builder in 1992. The organ case is made of pine in a modern style. Mechanical manual and stop action


First Manual Great: C – g3 Soubasse 16′, Salicional 8′, Rohrflöte 4′, Quinte 1 1/3′.
Second Manual Swell: C – g3 Gedeckt 8′, Principal 4′, Octave 2′, Cymbel I – II, Tremulant.
Pedal Upright: C – d1 Zonder eigen registers.
Koppelingen: I-II.