London (Westminster), Chapel of Saint Mary Undercroft, Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament

Foto’s: MPOR

In 1999 bouwde William Drake een nieuw mechanisch sleepladen-orgel met gedecoreerde frontpijpen en een fraai beschilderde kas met orgelluiken voor de Chapel of Saint Mary Undercroft, Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) in London (Westminster), Middlesex. De stemmingstemperatuur is Young, de winddruk is 63 mm en de toonhoogte is a’ = 440 Hz.


Great: C – g3
Open Diapason 8′ – low 4, stopped pipe and helper
Stopt Diapason 8′
Principal 4′
Flute 4′ – low 6 from St. Diapason
Fifteenth 2′
Sesquialtra Bass III – 17.19.22/15.17.19, C – b1
Cornet Treble III – 12.15.17 from c1

Swell: C – g3
Open Diapason 8′ – low 12 from St. Diapason
Stopt Diapason 8′ – wood C – f1
Principal 4′
Trumpet 8′

Pedal: C – f1
Bourdon 16′
Octave Bourdon 8′ – low 18 from Bdn, rest metal

Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great
Great to Pedal

reversible toe pedal for gt-pd
reversible Shifting Movement pedal to cut off Great organ upperwork,
with indicator;
lever swell pedal with stepless catch
December 1999) situated at right hand side;