Pontrieux, Église Notre-Dame des Fontaines

Foto: Onbekend

The Église Notre-Dame des Fontaines in Pontrieux (Côtes-d’Armor (22)) was built in 1840-1842 and could be dedicated on October 30, 1842. The pipe organ with mechanical action and slider chests in the church was made by Jean-Baptiste Claus in 1878. The organ case was manufactured by G. Hérault from Rennes. In 1992-1993 the organ was restored by Jean-Pascal Villard. He made the Bourdon 16′ of the Grand Orgue playable on the Pedal Organ as a transmission.


Grand Orgue: C – g3 (56 toetsen) Bourdon 16′, Montre 8′, Flûte Harmonique 8′, Bourdon 8′, Prestant 4′, Octavin 2′.
Récit Expressif: C – g3 (56 toetsen) Quintaton 8′, Viole de Gambe 8′, Voix Céleste 8′, Flûte Octaviante 4′, Trompette 8′, Basson-Hautbois 8′.
Pédale: C – c1 (25 toetsen) Bourdon 16′ – 1993; transmission.
Koppelingen: Accouplement du Récit au Grand Orgue, Tirasse Grand Orgue, Tirasse Récit.
Speelhulpen: Appel & Retrait Anches.