South Woodford, Holy Trinity Church

Foto’s: Andrew & Jane Wood © 2019

In 1891 bouwde Norman & Beard een nieuw orgel met een radiaal concaaf pedaalklavier voor de Holy Trinity Church in South Woodford (Essex).


Great: C – g3 Open Diapason 8′, Horn Diapason 8′, Clarabella 8′, Principal 4′, Flute 4′, Twelfth 2 2/3′, Fifteenth 2′, Mixture III, Trumpet 8′.
Swell: C – g3 (in zwelkast) Double Diapason 16′, Open Diapason 8′, Stopped Diapason 8′, Gamba 8′, Voix Celeste 8′ TC, Principal 4′, Mixture III, Cornopean 8′, Oboe 8′, Clarion 4′, Tremulant.
Choir: C – g3 Keraulophon 8′, Lieblich Gedact 8′, Echo Dulciana 8′, Harmonic Flute 4′, Lieblich Flute 4′, Clarinet 8′ TC.
Pedal: C – f1 Acoustic Bass 32′, Open Diapason 16′, Bourdon 16′, Octave 8′, Bass Flute 8′.
Couplers: Swell to Pedal, Swell to Great, Swell to Choir, Swell octave to Great, Swell suboctave to Great, Swell octave, Swell suboctave, Choir to Great, Choir to Pedal, Great to Pedal.
Accessories: 4 thumb and toe pistons each for Great and Swell, 4 thumb pistons for Choir, General cancel and setter pistons for multi-channel combinaton action (8 by rotary switch under Choir stops), Balanced Swell pedal, Thumb pistons for Sw-Gt & Gt-Ped, Gt-Pd toe pedal, Tremulants to all organs.